trend reporting


Mostly Human delivers custom, actionable Trend Reports straight to your inbox. Read them and take action in-house or with us in less than a minute.

Who Has the Time?

There are plenty of tools you can look at to get a sense of what is trending here or there. Of course the challenge is finding the time to do it and synthesize what you see for the sake of the business. We’ve pointed our technology in-house to focus on identifying trends that matter to our clients’ businesses for them. No more sifting through log-ins to find what you need to know. Just open an email and read a short, concise one-sheeter.

Ideas, Not Just Trends

We’re agency veterans. We thrive on creativity and problem solving. Not only do we identify the trends, but we share ideas custom to your brand to help you participate in each new trend. Our data constantly shows the engagement and performance value of trend-aligned content is higher than your standard, pre-planned content.

Take Fast Action

If the trend and idea make sense, take fast action! Either forward the email to your internal team to get things cranking or reply to the email to have our team build the social asset(s) for you. Trends have an average shelf-life of three days, so fast action is a requirement for today’s marketing landscape.

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