Serving Up Media the Right Way to the Right People 

Our proprietary research dives deep into the world of search habits, revealing vital insights on consumer search behaviors. While Google holds its crown it is not the only platform people are gravitating to for search. Our findings underscore the critical need for tailored marketing strategies on specific platforms to supercharge engagement and campaign impact in the Restaurant sector.

Explore Pinterest’s Newest 2023 Updates for Advertisers

Pinterest has recently released new updates to their advertising solutions at their 2023 Pinterest Presents which can change the game for advertisers. Over 1/2 of consumers say they go to Pinterest for shopping and shoppable content garners over 50% of their engagement. Check out our recap of the latest new innovations and biggest product news.

Navigating Age Driven Search Behavior within the Home Improvement Industry

Consumer search behavior is as diverse as the platforms they use. To connect effectively your strategy must be as unique as your target audience. Customization is key spanning across different audiences and categories.
Our proprietary research highlights how search extends beyond Google, especially when applied to the home improvement sector.

Pumping Up Search: Insights into Gym Vertical Preferences

Search is no longer confined to traditional engines. In today’s digital landscape, it thrives across diverse platforms that offer their own unique avenue for brands to connect with their audience. In the gym and fitness vertical, the search game isn’t one-size-fits-all. There are generational differences that influence search patterns within the fitness industry.

How Different Generations Search within the Food and Beverage Category

In today’s ever-evolving consumer landscape, adaptability is the key to business success. Our research illuminates intriguing shifts within the food and beverage category, uncovering changing search preferences. Notably, Google and Walmart are experiencing diminished favorability among younger consumers. To prosper in this dynamic environment, brands must seize the chance to embrace change and adapt.

Search is Much Bigger Than Google

For too many brands, their Search strategy is a Google Ads strategy. Yet an increasing volume of search behavior is coming from other platforms. Social media and commerce platforms have high-volume, engrained search behavior and functionality. It’s time for a more comprehensive approach to Search, as illuminated by our custom research shared here.