Explore Pinterest’s Newest 2023 Updates for Advertisers

Exciting News for Your Business   

Pinterest has just unveiled a set of new features that could transform your advertising game. Here’s all you need to know from their latest Pinterest Presents. 

  • Gen Z (13yrs – 27yrs) is most engaged on Pinterest driving over 50% of the engagement.  
  • More than half of users go to Pinterest for shopping inspiration and enjoy shoppable content. 

New Innovations  

📌 New Ad Formats: Introducing Showcase Ads and Quiz Ads, offering innovative ways to engage Pinners and guide them from discovery to decision. Showcase Ads allow you to display multiple pins with clickable links, perfect for showcasing your products. Quiz Ads are dynamic and interactive, offering personalized recommendations based on user responses.

📌 Premier Spotlight: Elevate your brand’s visibility with exclusive video placements. This opens up exciting possibilities for diversifying your advertising strategy and supercharging campaign engagement.

📌 Mobile and Direct Links: Seamlessly link to product pages within the mobile app or use a convenient call-to-action button in your Pin. Advertisers using mobile deep links have witnessed remarkable boosts in conversion rates and cost-efficiency.

📌 E-Commerce Integrations: Pinterest now integrates with Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Adobe Commerce, streamlining the path for retailers. This empowers advertisers to efficiently manage product listings, measure campaign success, and expand their reach.

📌 Creative Studio: Free new tool that brings generative AI by creating unique product imagery in seconds to help enhance ad performance and drive better results.

📌 Collages: Engage users creatively with shoppable Collages, enhancing the Pinterest shopping experience. Your product catalog updates automatically, expanding discoverability. Collages will incorporate Shuffles, a sister app, which has already seen 2x more engagement on collages than traditional pins.


Tools for Advertisers 

📌 Pinterest Academy: E-learning program for advertisers to learn how to get started on Pinterest and build successful campaigns

📌 Global Programming Calendar: Stay ahead by aligning your campaigns with Pinterest trends and moments, boosting campaign relevance and engagement.


Don’t miss out on these amazing opportunities for your business on Pinterest!