marketing mix modeling


Mostly Human offers a range of custom, affordable, and actionable Marketing Mix Modeling services that explain the past and optimize the future.

MMM is the Gold Standard

MTA had its day. Our team at Mostly Human has been part of countless MTA deployments with outside providers or our own tech and analytical approaches. However, in today’s world of walled gardens, privacy standards, and continuous media fragmentation, MMM is the most important tool in the toolbox to make critical, strategic decisions on marketing mix.

Looking Backward and Forward

We believe that the biggest value for MMM is not just explaining what worked in the past, but optimizing for better performance in the future. Our models do just that, with advanced capabilities that allow for mix optimization at a set investment level or goal-seeking to a desired business objective.

Affordable and Insightful Solutions

We have been building MMM approaches for years across several different companies and categories. Not every client has six figures to spend on mix modeling or twelve weeks to wait for delivery. We have fast, affordable approaches that drive foundational performance insight. We also have highly customized, consultative approaches that serve clients with more complex and ongoing needs.

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