Decoding Healthcare Searches Across Age Groups

In our proprietary research we surveyed over a thousand consumers to uncover their search preferences across various categories.  As we take a deeper look into the healthcare and medical sector, we uncovered some key themes. 


This study represents a substantial sample size offering a comprehensive overview of consumer preferences. 

Key Discoveries:


1. Google Accounted for 71% of consumers preference and was the top source for health-related content. 

  • Google emerged as the supreme choice for healthcare information, securing its position with over 50% preference among those aged 35 and above. This reaffirms Google’s relevance as a primary source for mature audiences seeking healthcare insights. 


2. Amazon’s was among the top 3 most preferred platforms for both those 35+ and younger. 

  • Retailers and e-commerce platforms held a significant 46% share of overall popularity. Amazon emerged as the top for both age groups with the 35+ age group preferring Amazon twice the number of times to the 18-34 age group. This shows a growing inclination among those 35+ audiences to explore health-related offerings on e-commerce platforms. 


3. Bing holds steady influence across ages. 

  • While less dominant than Google, Bing demonstrated a consistent presence in healthcare searches showcasing reliability across both age segments. The 35+ age group showed Bing 225% more favorability than those younger which suggests that a diverse search engine strategy is valuable for reaching a broader audience. 


4. Walmart’s appeal to the younger demographic. 

  • For individuals aged 18-34, Walmart was the top preferred platform (excluding Google). This presents an opportunity for Walmart to tailor content and enhance targeting efforts for this demographic. 



The key takeaway is the need for an omnichannel approach. Consumers are using a mix of search engines, social media, and e-commerce platforms for healthcare-related searches. Marketers should leverage this insight to ensure a dynamic and consistent brand presence across various online touchpoints. This multifaceted strategy will not only enhance visibility but also build effective engagement with consumers seeking medical and healthcare information.