Why MMM is the Gold Standard

Marketing mix models are powerful tools that allow marketers and brands to understand marketing performance and make data driven decisions to drive business results. Most marketers are familiar with mix models and may have been disappointed in the past with various aspects of their projects. Mix models often have an, often deserved, reputation for being slow to deploy, inflexible, and too focused on information rather than application.

Consumer Search Behavior within the Business Services Industry: How Businesses Can Navigate

Consumers have access to numerous platforms and their preferences for platforms that inspire or inform purchases vary. Recognizing these disparities is crucial for businesses targeting specific audiences effectively. Explore our findings around the business services industry to uncover the strategic insights needed to ensure your business isn’t just present, but thriving, on the platforms that matter most to your audience.

Quick and Effective AI-Enabled Automation

We’re living through one of the most transformational periods of growth in automation and AI that the world has ever seen. Goldman Sachs projects AI to grow worker productivity by 1.5 percentage points per year for the next ten years in the US. Leveraging these new technologies to help your business and deliver for your clients is key to success in an increasingly homogeneous, commoditized, and growing market.

The Power of Trend-Centric Social

In the fast-paced world of digital media, social media stands out as one of the most rapidly evolving landscapes. Amidst the chaos of constant change, one thing remains clear: trends are the key to unlocking social media success.

When Should You In-House Your Paid Media Team?

Considering in-housing for paid media? If your annual budget exceeds $5,000,000, it’s worth exploring. Dive into this blueprint on how you can achieve a high-performing internal media capability that grows in value as you scale.

Decoding Healthcare Searches Across Age Groups

Understanding where your audience engages the most is crucial for effective marketing strategies. We delve into the intricate details of healthcare searches within our proprietary research. Our research focuses on key platforms and dissecting trends across two significant age groups: 18-34 and 35+ for the healthcare and medical field.

Does Your Business Rely on False Signals?

Drowning in data? Not all signals are reliable, especially in marketing decisions. Relying on platforms like web analytics, search engines, and CRM systems can be deceptive when making cross-channel decisions. We uncover the pitfalls among these platforms and discover a solution for sound business decisions.

Searching for the Perfect Platform for the Housing and Home Improvement Industry

Curious about how consumer search behavior is transforming the modern housing and home improvement market? We investigated this industry to see where consumers search for home-related content. The findings are revealing. Google stands tall as the leading choice for housing-related searches, a go-to for all age groups. It’s not just Google that’s shaking up the scene, other platforms have consumers’ attention as well.

Unlocking Consumer Search Patterns In The Auto Industry

In the automobile industry social media plays a significant influence on consumer search behavior. Consumers turn to online research through popular platforms from TikTok to YouTube to explore products and services. However, our analysis of the automotive category revealed an interesting trend: social media platforms were not the predominant sources consumers relied on when seeking information or inspiration for their future purchases around automobiles.

Unpacking Search Behavior Trends in Travel and Tourism

Gone are the days when a single search engine reigned supreme. Consumers have a galaxy of platforms at their disposal for search. Google, Bing, social media giants like Facebook, niche platforms like Pinterest, and emerging visual platforms like TikTok are all battling for attention. Discover which platforms are at the top for consumers looking at travel and tourism.