When Should You In-House Your Paid Media Team?

Considering in-housing for paid media? If your annual budget exceeds $5,000,000, it’s worth exploring. Dive into this blueprint on how you can achieve a high-performing internal media capability that grows in value as you scale.

Does Your Business Rely on False Signals?

Drowning in data? Not all signals are reliable, especially in marketing decisions. Relying on platforms like web analytics, search engines, and CRM systems can be deceptive when making cross-channel decisions. We uncover the pitfalls among these platforms and discover a solution for sound business decisions.

Search is Much Bigger Than Google

For too many brands, their Search strategy is a Google Ads strategy. Yet an increasing volume of search behavior is coming from other platforms. Social media and commerce platforms have high-volume, engrained search behavior and functionality. It’s time for a more comprehensive approach to Search, as illuminated by our custom research shared here.

Differentiation in an Ocean of Agencies

There are 66,113 businesses in advertising, PR, and related services in the U.S. You need more than the promise of great people with great relationships that care about their clients and win awards. That is all parity. You need to differentiate.

The Learning Stage of the Journey

The Learning Stage of the customer journey is incredibly important for consumers as they begin to shape their brain with new ideas and opinions about a category, but this stage is also incredibly underserved by advertisers.

Speaking to them in a way that relates to their trigger moment is more impactful than speaking to them based on what they look like or how they generally think about the world.

Entering the Entrepreneur Economy

U.S. new business applications were already on the rise before COVID-19. The upward trend in entrepreneurship has accelerated, with over 5 million start-ups in each of the past two years – a whopping 53% increase over the rising trendline pre-pandemic.

We have entered into the Entrepreneur Economy. There will be three main areas that drive this shift.