AI-powered automation


Mostly Human helps teams create useful and affordable AI-powered integrations that save team time and resources.

Stop Talking About It

We’re all sick of hearing about AI. Let’s stop talking and start building. AI has been an embedded part of solutions in media and measurement for years. Our team knows how to leverage today’s newest tools for fast action and impact.

Custom Is Our Thing

Every company has their own set of marketing and measurement processes, challenges, and opportunities. We take a consultative approach to understand the business background, then use AI applications to save time and deliver new value unique to each business. 

AI Should be Affordable

There are some tech shops that will gladly charge six figures + for AI initiatives. AI is already more mainstream than that. Even with a highly custom approach, there are standard kits to build from that already exist. The time to value is short, and the cost does not need to be great. Things are more affordable than you think.

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